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Fact Checking information presented on August 30, 2023 

Information presented by Jason Banonis August 30, 2023

Jason Banonis claims that if the landfill can’t expand that the
is a tax increase of + $3,500

Information presented by Priscilla deLeon on September 20, 2023

If all 4035 households in Lower Saucon paid $3,500 more, that = $14,122,500

      The math: (4035 x $3500 = $14,122,500)

That’s almost $11.6 million more* than we got from the landfill in 2022.

                                               *Based on $2,558,245 landfill revenue Page 54, 2022 LST Audit report

Then Banonis said we need a paid fire department all of a sudden at a cost of $2,500,000 per year. He said that will double the tax increase to +$7,000 per year!


That would add $28,245,000 in revenue!!!  What???

This is a scare tactic using very terrible math.

There’s no reason anyone’s tax bill would increase as he stated.



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