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Lower Saucon Township Council


A Bit About Me

My name is Victoria Opthof-Cordaro and I am running for Lower Saucon Township Council. I am running to be an advocate for all Lower Saucon Township residents who want a positive, responsible voice for our township’s future.  I will be that voice.


For the past several years, I’ve been appalled by the actions of certain members of our current township council. First, by these members’ failure to support the Hellertown Library and the Saucon Valley Partnership. Second, by these members’ willingness to prioritize the profits of a landfill company over the welfare of our community.

Having grown up in Lower Saucon and graduated from Saucon Valley High School, I’ve especially treasured the strong community partnership developed over the decades between Hellertown and Lower Saucon. As a young girl, I remember swimming in the Hellertown pool with my family, and as a Girl Scout, marching in the Hellertown parade and “trick or treating” in town with a friend. Currently, as a Mom, I want my children to enjoy joint Hellertown/Lower Saucon children’s activities.

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The Hellertown Area Library has been the highlight of Hellertown/Lower Saucon cooperation. It’s important we have a local library within near proximity for all Lower Saucon residents. The library not only fosters literacy for our school children but also serves as a meeting place for children and adults to participate in activities together and learn the value of community engagement.


In addition, I am very proud of the rural community where I grew up, and therefore, passionate about maintaining “open space” for my children.  I want to ensure that Lower Saucon Township remains a place where businesses come to prosper, but also a beautiful community for our families. 

That being said, I am deeply opposed to the proposed expansion of the Bethlehem Landfill.  It places corporate profits above the environmental and economic welfare of the township and the entire region.  Doubling the size of the landfill would pollute the river, hurt the tourism economy, damage our roads, and decrease our homes’ values.  I want Lower Saucon to be known for our natural beauty, not as the region’s trash dump! For complete information about my fight against the landfill, see


Along with my running mates, Laura Ray and Councilwoman Priscilla deLeon, I will do a better job for Lower Saucon.  I will advance policies that will restore our relationship with the Hellertown Library, protect our open space and natural resources, and mend the Hellertown/Lower Saucon Partnership.


So, on Election Day, remember to vote for me, Victoria Opthof-Cordaro!

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